2009 Reunion

The  first annual reunion of Charlie Battery, 7th BN, 11th FA was hosted by Roger Juhl and David Bolling in Rochester, Mn. in early May 2009  Twelve men that served under the command of Captain Ken Jowers, along with now retired (USMC) Col Ken Jowers made history forty years after they left the Republic of Viet Nam

2010 Reunion

The second reunion was held in Gulf Shores, Alabama, hosted by Bill Wood and Wayne Ragsdale.  The number of attendees increased to nineteen, with several new faces.

2011 Reunion

Our third reunion was held in Las Vegas, NV and was hosted by our West coast friends Chris Cook and Rudy Ceballos. It was great to see many  first time attendees.

2012 Reunion

Marshall Dunnam raised the bar for hosting reunions when he agreed to host the forth reunion in Oklahoma City. There were twenty-six attendees at this reunion, and again, many new faces. I think that it goes without saying that Marshall set the pace for future reunions.

2013 Reunion

Rudy summed the 2013 Reunion up with one word....."WOW!"

Craig and Sue Bambrough are to be commended for hosting a reunion that will be remembered for years to come!  From the outstanding venue in Reston, VA....... to the Arlington & DC trip the wonderful banquet that ended entirely too soon, everything was perfectly executed!

              2013 Reunion Pictures